On Saturdays I like to link to Scot McKnight’s Weekly Meanderings — in part, it’s a cop-out for posting something more thoughtful, as Saturdays are often days to be spent reading or doing things with the family, be they special activities or routine errands. (Lukas, I hope I’m using the commas correctly ;^) — follow the links to make sense of that.) In part, it’s also because I like to remind myself to sift through Scot’s meanderings and find things of interest… he always seems to manage to ferret out something obscure.

One thing that I just don’t get about Scot and his meanderings though is his fascination with Baseball. I don’t know if Lukas is to blame, or vice-versa… but I thought it time to supplant all his weekly baseball information with the observation that the 2007 season of the sport more worthy of television time than any other begins this weekend: Formula 1. In this, we can all envy our FORGE friends in Oz for their proximity to the festivities. I confess I haven’t been able to follow as closely the past couple of years as I’d like, but for anyone needing to catch themselves up:

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