Royal Manitoba Winter Fair Logo The snow is melting pretty quickly now… and we’re smack in the middle of spring break, too. Today we’re off to the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair… the 100th edition. (I’m linking to the website without even complaining about all the broken bits, or the fact that I had to edit fix up their logo image before I was able to use it even for a blog post… I guess some people care more about their blogs than others do about their main business websites.) Just a day trip to Brandon for the event, should be fun for the kids. All four of us, that is. ;^) The kids (the two junior ones) are really looking forward to the Superdogs. Me, maybe the heavy horses… my grandfather was hauling logs out of the bush with a team of horses when he was in his teens, and I remember him showing me when he was in his late 70s some of the same harness had used at the time. He still used it, and I guess my ancestors aren’t so long off the farm that I don’t appreciate a good show of workhorses. History matters, and I have a theory that history matters more to us the older we get. Story is important. Anyone else have stories or memories of grandparents on the farm?

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