I’m hauling out Easter traditions, old and new.

Firstly, there’s the kids. We’ve got an Easter tradition going now, which I explained last year. There’s still time if you want to start your own tradition with it.

Bob Carlton has announced the Via Crucis Grid Blog 2007, in which more than 50 bloggers participated last year… when I hung back… but I’m thinking about jumping in this year and joining. They’re pretty open, so anyone else wanting to join in should consider themselves invited, I guess. Having already set aside one post that relates to Gethsemane, I think I’ll add one that relates to the institution of the Eucharist and post them both on Monday. I’ve always hesitated to jump in, not knowing I’ll be able to come up with something, you know, really good — but there, I’ve committed!

In each of the past two years, I’ve posted my 8-part series detailing an orderly account of holy week, which began as a new approach to the sermon in my CLB on Palm Sunday almost a decade ago now. Wow, time flies. The article links from the first year are now deprecated, but you can get the whole list in the final post from last year, when I refreshed the series as “An Account of the First Easter.” You can also just start with the prologue tomorrow (Saturday) and use the “Next »” links to click through the week… or set aside an hour during the week when you can put yourself in a contemplative frame and do it in one sitting.

If anyone does go through my long-ish series in one sitting, I’d be curious to hear their thoughts… let me know. Apart from that, what Easter traditions do you have that don’t involve chocolate?

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