Following on the conversations within our simple church expression, we ended up with two gatherings booked for this weekend… one last night and another this morning. After this it’ll settle into a routine that includes a maximum of one gathering per weekend, or most weekends. Today was the first gathering for kids in our new experimental format… breakfast all together plus a meeting that’s more formally-focused on the kids. They seemed to give it good marks.

Last night deserves high marks as well. For something different, we invited Jamie Arpin-Ricci to join us and share the YWAM Winnipeg vision and other ideas as a basis for further conversation (we use a discussion-based format in our gatherings). The main point of discussion this time out was to be missional concepts and the idea of the “third space” and the The Dusty Cover project that YWAM Winnipeg is undertaking. Jamie brought along one of the students in their DTS and we all had a very good discussion that gave us a better understanding of what Jamie is up to and why. We also got onto a great side-discussion about justice as well, and I finally had to cut the discussion short (not uncommon once we get going) so that we could have communion together and wrap up the meeting before visiting further and calling it a night.

After sharing the stage with Jamie on three separate emerging church panel discussions, it was good to get him in front of the group I’m primarily engaged with. Update: Jamie has also posted some of his thoughts on the evening. We’re talking pub night again soon as well, so stay tuned.

That reminds me, this past Friday I was finishing up at the chiropractor, and one of the ladies at the front counter wanted to ask me a question… “Are you a pastor?”

Now, I don’t exactly get asked that question every day, and given the fundamental changes in my way of thinking about the whole thing over the past couple of years, the answer was just slightly less straightforward than I thought it would have been. “Not per se,” I said.

Turns out she had finally placed how she knew me — she used to be a pastor and had heard me speak at the Providence Emerging Church Conference about a year and a half ago. She was thinking the stuff we were saying was right on, and couldn’t figure out why nobody else was “getting” it. I didn’t have the heart to ask why she wasn’t pastoring any longer. Maybe next time….

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