Our favorite little Greek place was closed for renovations this evening, necessitating the discovery of a nearby bakery for evening dining on the way to “Hear the Silence” at St. Benedict’s Table. Afterward, Jamie informed me that during this tomorrow evening’s service (tonight now, I guess… Sunday 11th), Mike Koop is planning to do “Death Cures Everything,” an unrecorded favorite of mine, and by Mike’s estimation, probably the only hymn that has the word “shit” in it. I had quipped that I’d never heard it in a worship service, so Jamie thought it warranted a mention. I was glancing through The Litany during the service this evening, and it occurs to me that “death cures everything” is likely quite an appropriate observation for the season of Lent.

Speaking of seasonal goings-on around town, The Old Bill dropped me a note the other day to mention his second Jesus Flickfest coming up during Holy Week. He’s now got the lineup posted online… with a few alternative interpretations and discussion-starters buried in the list.

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