My new friend Bill Kinnon sent me a note the other evening with a bit of a manifesto he was composing… I along with a couple of others was very honoured to have had a sneak preview for early comment. The first thing I said was, “Where do I get the badge to put on my blog?” Bill has now posted “The People formerly known as The Congregation” on his blog.

In the movie Thirteen Days, there’s a wonderful scene where UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson is confronting the Russian Ambassador Zorin in front of the assembly. Despite severe doubts of the Kennedys (as portrayed in the movie) who are imminently about to pull him out of his position, he makes a brilliant speech or better, exchange of dialogue. Zorin refuses to respond, instead recognizing the Representative from Chile, who stands, and as poignantly as possible, says, “I yield my time and the floor to the representative to the United States.” The room erupts.

It is in precisely this spirit in which I say today, I yield my time and the floor on this blog to Bill Kinnon and his excellent manifesto, The People formerly known as The Congregation. I bid you go, read, think, discuss (here or there). Find your voice.

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