Bono’s speeches are inspiring. He’s just received and award from the NAACP, and through the wonder of YouTube, we can see and hear his acceptance speech… it wouldn’t be the same in print. The video below is about 10:00; the first 5:00 is a brief video montage and the award presentation plus Bono saying how good Tyra Banks looked. At about the 5:00 mark, he gets into his remarks. 4:00 into his remarks, he starts preaching… about God and about the poor. 30 seconds after that, he’s got a standing ovation — only halfway through the “preaching” part.

Whether you live should not depend on where you live.”

“God, my friends, is with the poor. And God is with us if we are with them.”

“Don’t let anyone tell you it cannot be done; we can be the generation that ends extreme poverty.”


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