I had planned to spend some time this morning writing some further thoughts following on our conversations around here last week, then put in some time reviewing a contract this afternoon. That was before the muffin incident and the phone call….

Turns out the dog scarfed down the last two of my wife’s homemade banana muffins… I was blamed for leaving them unattended, and although my wife proclaimed, “Bad Dog!” I think she viewed him as just being a dog and doing what dogs do, hence the blame landed on me. She worked nights last night, so she went to bed and I took my youngest daughter out for breakfast. What else are you gonna do at a time like that?

So we finish our breakfast and are sitting there reading — my youngest (Kindergarten, her day off today) reading a book and me perusing the “Missional” issue of Leadership magazine (more on that to come later, trust me)… when my phone rings. Local number, but I don’t recognize it. Robbymac telling me he packed up the family and drove out here yesterday, will be around for a couple of days. Thanks for the advance notice, bud! So I’m off to meet Rob and Wendy for lunch, which is all a rather long way of saying — since I can’t put off the contract — that my further thoughts on disingenuous friendship and the marketing of the gospel are likey to be delayed a day, perhaps two. Feel free to blame Rob, or even the dog — post your nasty comments about Rob or the dog (his name is Holmes) below and I’ll make sure the appropriate party gets them!

Upside: had a nice breakfast with my youngest daughter. Can’t argue with that!

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