It’s true, I’ve been asked to sit on another panel to discuss the church and culture, this one with a bunch of GC Mennonites who for some unthinkable reason have invited Len Hjalmarson to be a keynote speaker. (Just kidding, Len!) Actually, the conference organizer has been to a few of our informal gatherings in Winnipeg, and is a guy who “gets it.” I’m looking forward to catching up further with Len and some of the other panelists, and of course to the event, which Len discusses in more detail. The panel is set for this coming Friday afternoon here in Winnipeg. I’ve already forewarned Len that I may have nothing intelligent to say, as I’m not particularly qualified… but once again, it’s fun to be along for the ride. Now he’s gone and asked me for a bio, so I have to come up with some verbage to make myself sound good ;^)

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