Scot McKnight’s Weekly Meanderings are now up for this weekend… a few good items nestled in there, if you skip past the sports ones… ;^) Okay, I know some people follow that stuff. Religiously, even.

John Frye has a couple of links featured there, and for anyone who doesn’t visit his blog, Jesus The Radical Pastor, I recommend dropping by there from time to time… some excellent insights streaming out of there. This week on Scot’s list (and mine, I guess) is The Holy Art of Conversation, a perceptive poem about the wisdom found embedded in friendships. High marks. He’s also got Boundary Marker Spirituality: A Story which in a breif pericope provides a stunning example of the dangers of cultivating bounded sets within organized religion. If you aren’t up on the centered/bounded sets concepts, you can find more by searching the blogs of Len Hjalmarson, Rob McAlpine, and others, including this one. The concept is quite important in the context of the conversations about the church that are going on right now… and don’t underestimate the fundamental significance of the distinction.

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