We had a good time doing the panel thing yesterday at the leadership seminar that Len Hjalmarson dragged us out to. A number of us (Bill, Gerry, me, Jamie, Jamie) have sat together on similar panels two or three times now, so there’s a bit of familiarity and an at-ease-ness about the whole thing. We were joined this time out by Doug Koop and Greg Glatz. Hopefully the assembled leaders found something helpful from the conversation.

So rumour has it that Len was so impressed with The King’s Head Pub when we introduced it to him (or him to it) during his last visit that a bit of a gathering is set for 6:30 tonight, for those who need a Guinness poured and served right. The photo above is one that I snapped on my Treo 650 a few weeks back in person at the King’s Head… showing (as well as could be expected) a near-perfect shamrock shaped in the foamy goodness that is the head on a pint of Guinness.

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