Leadership has been the topic of the week for the past little while, and on that note, Len Hjalmarson is on about Creating Leaderful Cultures for Spiritual Formation:

Consequently we are in a growing crisis, and the temptation is to provide quick fixes and superficial answers. Answers and solutions, after all, will temporarily resolve anxiety and justify our existence. But quick fixes are not helpful, and we need to let go of some certainties while new questions form that will lead us into new truth. We need to stay in this liminal place until our eyes become accustomed to unfamiliar light. Alan Roxburgh described the challenge like this: When your prescription is up to date you don’t think about your glasses. But when your prescription becomes dated you no longer see clearly. As our culture changes our perceptual maps become dated and the lenses we use become less and less helpful. The old lenses are not allowing us to see things “as they really are.�

In the same vein, Bill Kinnon is quoting David Fitch on Leadership, with a bit of commentary on the side. He’s quoting (and summarizing) Fitch’s post on Some Reasons Why the Lone “Senior Pastor” Might Not Make Sense Anymore

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