The Internet Monk is asking, How unhappy can you be with this “evangelicalâ€? thing? and talking about why he’s willing to speak critically on his blog.

I absolutely reject the “Code of Silence� that grows up in churches, institutions, denominations and movements. It’s unhealthy to declare critics, exhorters and prophets as “traitors� to the communities they serve. What we say about those who tell the truth says whether we value the truth, or just want propaganda.

As long as this web site exists, the “code of silence� that some evangelicals, reformed and conservatives promote will be on notice. Starting with myself and a confessional approach to writing, I won’t buy the idea that “loving your community means nodding….and keeping your criticisms to yourself.�

I think he makes a good case… be willing to question the status quo. It immediately related in my mind to one of the quotes in my random-quote bin (upper right on the blog page), from Dave Tomlinson in The Post-Evangelical:

The Thinker… disturbs the complacent. He obstructs the busy pragmatists. He questions the very foundations of all around him, and in so doing throws doubts upon aims, motives, and purposes which those running affairs have neither time nor patience to investigate. The thinker is a nuisance.

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