Today is Shrove Tuesday, replete with childhood dreams of the pancake turtle, pictured here. As I describe this every year,

It is a very little-known fact, but each year on Shrove Tuesday, the Pancake Turtle travels the world with a huge stack of steaming hot pancakes perched on his back. As he travels the world on this special day, he delivers his stack of pancakes to good little boys and girls everywhere as they prepare themselves for Lent.

I know this ancient tradition may nevertheless be new to some of you, and you may even suspect that rather than having any basis in fact, it is merely something that a group of us made up one night in the 80’s after drinking way too much cinamon coffee in Winnipeg’s old Blue Note Cafe on Main Street, the haunt of such notables as Neil Young and the The Crash Test Dummies… guys who hung around or played The Blue Note before anyone had heard of The Squires or Bad Brad Roberts and the St. James Rhythm Pigs.

To some children though, the Pancake Turtle must be as important an annual figure as Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny or the Great Pumpkin. Remember, all traditions have to start somewhere.

C’mon, nab your own copy of the pancake turtle image (thanks Robbymac!) and help spread the message of pancake love. Peace, love, and pancakes to you this day.

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