I was gone for a few hours there while it seems my Spam Karma 2 plugin ran amok on me, grinding the webserver to a snail’s pace. It seems that the plugin doesn’t index the database very efficiently. I’ve only been using the plugin for about a month and a half (after I gave it two thumbs up) and of about an 800Mb database (which is quite a lot of text), half of it is Spam Karma data. I think it was breaking my Post Preview as well, since that’s suddenly returned after a bit of an absence.

Anyway, I’m back to Akismet for spam prevention, I’ve removed some of my plugin cruft as well as nixed a couple of plugins I had been using for stats and such. In the process though, I found an update to the Post Teaser plugin I had been using a while back, but had to disable following a WordPress update some time ago. Hopefully nobody finds it too annoying ;^)

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