Ted Gossard is blogging on following Christ communally, and in that context is speaking against entitlement. In defining what he means by this, he writes,

I use “entitlement” here as the idea that I’m entitled to something or, I have certain “rights”. That certain people owe me. Like my spouse. Or children. My employer, “boss”, fellow employees. My pastor and church. My nation.

He invites comment on what he’s written, and I would add one item to his list of “entitlement,” and it’s a biggie where I came from. It’s the notion that “as a leader, I’m entitled to…” In my CLB, I ran into this often enough, and found it a struggle for myself in the context I was in. The notion of honouring leaders, following them, not questioning them or their authority…. it finally blew up one day with one of the pastors saying to me, “How dare you criticize us when we’re serving?” (emphasis his). The thing I was critiquing at the time was —wait for it— a small action indicative of a clearly demonstrated sense of entitlement.

We were about done with that community at the conclusion of that conversation.

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