Emerging Grace presses through part 4 of her series on leadership, this one calling for “a new paradigm of what leadership is in the body of Christ.” And oh, is she right again….

There is a vast difference in leading from position as opposed to leading from a place of responsibility that requires us to serve, possibly without recognition.

and onto a subject I mentioned the other day when I plugged an earlier article in Grace’s series, following up a long restaurant conversation.

Although we have equal status within the kingdom of God, we recognize that in relationships, sometimes one person has more power. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it requires of that person honest and careful use of their power.


It is so incredibly sad that in the midst of self-serving, self-promoting leadership within the body of Christ, we have missed the incredible opportunity of fathering in a way that builds worth and identity into a person, especially at a time when there is such a great need for fathering. Instead, due to a need to control, models of discipleship have been the most extreme models of abuse in the church, with the fathers hoarding participation in ministry for themselves.

Read the whole thing, well worth the trip.

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