Maybe I’ll take some flak for it, but I’ve decided that Spam Karma 2.2 is better at managing comment spam than Akismet. I had some Comment Troubles about two and a half weeks ago, and disabled Akismet to begin working it out. Akismet was great when I first started using it, and I thought I’d solved my spam problems since it did so much better than what I was using before. Since then though, it had gradually started letting through quite a bit of spam on me, and I was having to do a fair bit of manual spam management.

After de-activating it, I very quickly got tired of the increased comment spam (it was still catching some of them, after all) and installed SK2.2. It’s very configurable and even supports a plugin to use Akismet as one of the tricks in its bag, though I am not doing so right now. My initial impression over the first few days was that it did a better job, and after leaving it to run a while, I’m convinced. Highly effective, and recommended for any WordPress users needing to manage comment spam. One caveat is that it did catch a few non-spams and send them to moderation, but they were easily rescued… as is anything in the spam-harvest bucket. (Rescuing from Akismet isn’t so easy.) As I noted, it’s quite configurable too, so I’d rather deal with the odd bit of ham in the moderation queue than a bunch of spam sent live to the blog.

That said, if anyone notices any comment weirdness or thinks they’ve been unfairly sent to moderation-land, please send me an email to alert me.

Gratia vobis et pax,
        …and happy commenting!

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