I’ve mentioned before that I’m a “frequent” listener to Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe on CBC. Back in June, Stuart read a most excellent piece on the show, about his visit to the Tall Grass Bakery. He visited with Tabitha, one of the owners, and listened to her story… and the story of the bakery. And then, as only Stuart does it, he re-told the story on-air. As he put it,

I am a lucky man. I get to travel all across this great land and talk to people from coast to coast. Mostly I get to tell my stories … but often I get to hear others.

And every once in a while I meet someone who tells me a story I think everyone should hear.

So I was poking around the CBC site recently, and found that for this story in particular, in response to many requests, a transcript has been posted. This is a story about a small group of people, about a community, a church, a business, and the economics of conscience. Allow me to commend this story to anyone interested in any of these things — or the missional intersection of them.

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