This is a neat idea: Wear the world on your heart (Via which also yielded)

Search for the worst sounds known to man…. the results are probably not what you expect.

I’m not really a gamer, but Get a First Life seems like a good idea.

Ottawa vows $30-million to protect Great Bear and $30M forest pledge ‘clear signal’ of green Tories: Baird …looks like some help is finally on the way for the Kermode Bear the issue has been championed for a while, including National Geographic attention. I remember when I first read up on this back in ’98 or ’99… one in ten black bears in this region are white — not albino, but genuinely a white black bear, due to a double-recessive gene. At the time, it was illegal to shoot a white bear, but not illegal to shoot the black ones… who of course may have carried the gene even though they were black. In any event, take the whole idea of the Kermode or Spirit Bear as a testament to the creativity of the creator.

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