Len Hjalmarson posts a review of Jesus Has Left the Building, a book by Paul Vieira which I’ve mentioned around here a couple of times. Brief review, but right on the money.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, imagine randomly-written worship tunes… perhaps they’re an improvement over some of what’s in the fold.

Will Samson wants to know how long you could live on the food in your pantry, starting immediately. The real test, I think, is what you’re willing to do to your food intake standards in order to stretch it out. If it’s worth $20 to you…

Today I found another example of someone grappling with post-charismatic issues; includes a good post-hype story.

John Smulo offers some Missional Apologetic Insights 2.0 as an update to his earlier post on the subject.

Jason Clark’s post yesterday… Deep Church: Two poles and a middle ground of the Emerging Church — this one puts the USA and the UK tending toward opposite poles… but seeking middle ground.

Robbymac opens a Can O’ Worms in a post where he manages to use the words communitas and liminality while quoting Michael Crichton on chaos theory. Blame Michael Frost… Rob’s been reading Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture.

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