In a wierd collusion of circumstance, yesterday I was visiting my friend Dan in his studio, and he played a clip from an online video for me: Hans Rosling on TED Talks. We were talking about the ability to display a graph with more than two dimensions, plotting and displaying more than just an X- and Y-axis. I watched the whole thing this morning, and there’s some fantastic stuff there.

I had a note to self to look up more about Hans Rosling and the data he’s mining on world development, and then this evening I noticed Nathan Colquhoun linking to a new Google tool/feature which is essentially an implimentation of the software and data analyzed and presented by Gapminder. I went and dug up the site url, and it brings this whole thing together by filling in the blanks. I’ll be revisiting it later to explore further. My recommendation would be to start with the video, as the graphs and charts don’t really come alive until you’ve seen Rosling explaining them, rather animatedly.

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