My wife and I bottled our wine kit this morning:

They say you can drink it right away, but nobody believes that… we’ll give it a few weeks for good measure, and will get started on making a red soon. This is the first kit I’ve done in 15 years… the guy down at the wine-making store welcomed me back into the fold when I told him I was getting started again.

Finally got tired of the TV remote being missing for a year and a half (thank goodness for universal remotes). I flipped the couch over, listened to its contents shift inside, then made a surgical incision along its underside with a utility knife. I managed to extract the missing TV remote, a book, a dozen pens and pencils or so, a barbie doll, various kids toys targetted at infants and up, and a shoe. I’m glad I found the remote control so quickly, but I’m a bit scared of what I would find if I repeat the process with the matching chair and love seat.

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