Yeah, I’m feeling generous… but it turns out I wasn’t clear about my offer… I wondered at the lack of response right away, but then was told why. I didn’t mean to restrict the “contest” to people who have attended St. Benedict’s Table, I just worded it badly. SO…

Take a look at the detailed CD review I have posted for the just-released album of Music from St. Benedict’s Table. After you’ve seen what each of the songs is about, based on the song title or bits of information I provide for each one. I expect you won’t have ever actually heard the song before, but respond with whatever springs to mind… a brief reflection on the subject matter, why you like contemplative worship, a memory that relates to “Being Lonely” or “The Lord’s Prayer”; an insight on “Song of Simeon”, or perhaps a response to the lyrics I quoted from “I Know It’s You” …pretty much anything will do.

I really want to give someone a CD here, folks… and it turns out I’m not overly generous, so grab while it’s hot. Once announced, I’ll email the winner for shipping info.

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