So ran the simple title of the email from Paul Vieira. After the exchange of a few quick emails, we spent about 90 minutes today at The Fyxx catching up. We talked about some church history we share, we talked about his book, we talked about our (current) views of hell, we talked about mutual friends, we talked about family, we talked about house churches around the city. It’s good to connect and share stories and experiences. Paul has been doing house churches in the area for the past eight years, so it was nice to be able to compare notes. Must be sure to do it again soon.

And by the way, I guess I really need to get myself in gear… Paul’s got his book published, Jamie has his next one outlined, and Robbymac is progressing with his writing project (while recommending another great-looking bok by Graham Cooke). Looks like I need to start writing a book just to keep up…. ;^)

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