Alan Hirsch: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single question:

      100AD There are as little as 25 000 Christians
      310AD There are as many as 20 000 000 Christians

[A seminar speaker] then asked the question, and it has haunted me to this day, “how did they do this?� “How did they grow from being a small movement to the most significant religious force in the Roman Empire in two centuries?� Now that’s a question to initiate a journey! And delving into this question drove me to the discovery of what I will call Apostolic Genius (the inbuilt life force and guiding mechanism of God’s people) and the living components or elements that make it up. These components I have tagged missional DNA or mDNA for short.

Hirsch continues the post from there, good stuff… and I haven’t gotten through the more than 90 comments on the post yet. This one is going to mess with some people’s thinking (in a good way)… but we’re hoping for more in The Forgotten Ways: Reactivating the Missional Church.

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