Time to look back on the year just completed. I’ve had some pretty good posts for the last day of the year so far… in 2004 when the blog was barely a month old, there was Thoughts on raising daughters, which I thought offered some pretty good advice, and last year there was Church 2.0: Journeys Without Maps, to which even Andrew Jones has linked more than once.

I didn’t have a lot of posts from which to select hightlights at the close of 2004, but near the end of 2005 I posted my Top 5 of 2005, twice; the Subversive Year in Review, in which I extended a “top 5” post to link 20 posts in what I tried to pass off as a top-ten list. Hey, nobody called me on it ;^) Bearing all this in mind, I’m looking to see what my best work was last year. At the moment, I’m not using a stats module that will give me hit counts for individual posts (though I do know that this December, I reached the milestone of serving more than 200,000 pages in a single month), but even if I were, the more recent ones are selected against. Instead, this year I went through my monthly archives to pick out a sample listing of posts for each month of the past year to reflect what I was thinking and writing about at the time, and then went about creating a short-list of which of those I thought stood out more than the others. So here goes….

My nominees for “Top Five” (not in order) are:

A few additional posts of note from the past year include:

So for anyone who’s been following along, or who may have dipped into my list above about what I’ve been writing about this year, what would you say has been my best work this past year? Top three? External critique is always the most helpful….

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