After demo’ing an Audiovox 6700 for about three weeks, this past week I gave it back and took home the Treo 650. The Audiovox has a nice sliding keyboard with a landscape display option, but I didn’t like the Windows PPC platform and as a phone it was average at best. The buttons on the phone keypad were way too small and I could see relying on voice-activated dialing, which is just too much trouble. For this you get to pay an extra $100-150. The Treo on the other hand is particularly nice — I’ve been installing extra packages on it and am quite happy with it.

Of course I took a look at the blog in the Blazer browser, and although it does a nice job with a lot of sites, it mangles this one badly. Also not liking the fact that Blazer won’t allow you to interrupt or cancel a page download once it starts, I installed Opera Mini, and all is well — I can highly recommend Opera Mini for anyone wanting to browse on a mobile device. It displays the blog quite well and breaks up long pages, which is really nice on a handheld device. Next, I installed Alex King’s WordPress Mobile Edition plugin, so if you browse to this site on a mobile device now, your browser will (should) be auto-detected and served a light version of the page that’s optimized for mobile devices. I’ll still have to tweak that a bit, but it works well out-of-the-box. If you want the regular version on your handheld, just scroll to the bottom and there will be a link there for you.

If I get more motivated, I may yet set up as a lightweight option, but for now I think I’m set. Well, almost — next up is to evaluate u*Blog for mobile posting.

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