I was having lunch the other day at a business function, and the conversation turned to the poppies made and sold by veterans… the ones we wear in remembrance of those fallen during various wars. We pick them up in any one of a hundred places, dropping some coins into a box and taking a poppy on the “honour system.” We noted how we tend to lose them frequently and may have to replace them several times each year. Some people remarked how the poppies changed a little bit each year so that you couldn’t reuse them, the veterans would be able to tell the difference. I glanced briefly across the table at the former fighter pilot, and pretty much ended the conversation. “I don’t think there’s an intentional thrust to sell more poppies, and I don’t mind replacing them a few times,” I said. The ex-fighter pilot agreed.


Because Canada has been to war… and if the Dutch remember Canada every year following the Liberation of the Netherlands, then a bit of pocket change seems a rather measly token.

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