I’ve mentioned before, I’m on an all-out assault against sacred cows. As I was wrapping up my post on tithing, I realized what the three biggest cows were, and that I’ve been on about only two of them, really.

I haven’t said much about sex.

At least not online. I was visiting with a friend last week, and we were talking about the church’s penchant for insisting that people meet a minimum standard before they hang around in a friendly way. If someone has an issue with anger and occasionally loses it with their family, this will be tolerated. If a common-law couple begins coming to church, they’ll be told pretty quickly that one of them needs to take up on the couch. The attitude toward homosexuality is of course much the same. I’m not suggesting that sin of any type doesn’t need repentance, but too often the church is intent on applying conviction on behalf of the Holy Spirit, in case he takes too long getting around to it.

I told my friend much of this, and recalled something that another friend of mine used to say about this… he being from the maritimes put it quite well. It’s like trying to clean the fish before you catch them.

So the church is hung up about sex. As several of my posts last week indicated concerning leadership, I think I would say that the church is hung up about power. And as I indicated more recently in my post about tithing, the church seems to be hung up about money.

Money, Sex, & Power. Three sacred cows.

Gotta run now, it’s time to start the barbecue.

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