Will Samson: NY Times on Evangelical Teens — he’s asking, “I wonder what it would be like if, instead of thinking about what programs help us “keep” our kids, we asked what kinds of lives and Christian communities would shape our kids into the imitation of Christ?”

John Smulo: God And Wicca — yesterday I linked a Wiccan blogger (twice) and got to wondering if I’d offend anyone… if so, John’s post is a necessary read. Seriously, go and read it.

Paul Fromont: What we call “church” — what he calls “a provocative thought from Stanley Hauerwas and William Willimon. Excerpted from their equally provocative and very useful book Resident Aliens

Peregrinatio: A view of Jesus Camp — a review of the movie, ending with the hope that “maybe this extreme example can open a space for conversation about the assumptions held by the viewers and not just the views of those who appear in the film.”

Globe & Mail: 100 years old and a man of letters — A cool and inspiring story about a determined soul who spent 93 years living with the secret of illiteracy… and then learning to read. At 100 years of age, he’s now reading at least 2 hours a day, and was presented this year with the National Literacy Award for 2006. “At age 100, he has just become the poster boy for the very thing he spent nearly a century avoiding.”

Andrew Jones: Penal Substitution: 2 Years Later and We Still Cant Get No Satisfaction — the Tall Skinny Kiwi does an extensive summary of the discussion of penal substitution in the emerging church over the past two years. Excellent overview and introduction to the issues. Looks like the supporting links from this one post could keep you in reading material for several weeks….

Justin Taylor: Bock on the Emerging Church Movement — summary of a series by Darrell Bock on the emerging church; the series concluded with Bock’s summary of his analysis, sounds quite fair overall, better than some.

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