So now that I’ve been accepted as a Daily Scribe, I’m under pressure to write well and say good stuff. I’m also starting to learn a few of the ropes, like the one where a bunch of the Scribes do a Friday Scribe Jamboree by linking to particular posts of some of the other scribes from the past week.

Like Nathan Colquhoun talking about The Pastor Role

Mark Berry’s announcement of a new page summarizing some characteristics of the missional church

I discovered an interfaith blogging event on Karma which I haven’t chased down yet but looks interesting.

Tim Boucher’s Pop Occulture Blog has been added to the list of scribes this week, with a brand new category, “Religion & Societyâ€? which promises to be of genuine interest.

There are actually quite a number of good blogs on the Scribe list, including a few that I wasn’t familiar with before. It’ll probably take me a while to get around them all!

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