Solomon said there was nothing new under the sun… but we live with a lot of “post-‘s”. As in, post-something, the passing of the something marking a point after which things are somehow no longer the same. Sometimes the event passes and you know things are different, but you don’t yet know how.

Post—   Industrial Revolution.
Post—   WWII.
Post—   Space Race.
Post—   Cold War.
Post—   Communism.
Post—   9/11.

I heard on the radio today that somebody thought that an “ideology of hate” could be replaced with an “ideology of hope.” Sounds nice, I thought. But you can’t do that with violence, and as nice as it sounds, the guy I heard talking like this is going about it the wrong way.

TheOldBill posted the best image today on his blog. I stole it. Here it is:

9/11:  Love Overcomes Terror.

Some things are the same…. the world changes, the world moves along. The sun goes down, and will come up again tomorrow. New changes, perhaps? We may be confident that change will come, and that things will remain the same.

Fortunately, we know a God who never changes… yet his mercies are new each morning. Selah.

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