I normally post Scot McKnight‘s weekly meanderings as a Saturday reading guide. He posted them early since his site is down this weekend while the furniture gets moved, so rather than link this week’s Weekly Meanderings, I’ll post them here in their entirety.

The conservationists and farmers in Colorado are at odds again over prairie dogs. The “rodenator” is the newest device designed to exterminate prairie dogs. There’s got to be a better solution than blowing up those cute little dogs, and I’m throwing the weight of this blog against those using the rodenator.

Mark Galli’s trip to Vietnam and Mark’s blog about it.

Washington Post article about Brian McLaren.

Who knows of a Christian college with a sophisticated worship leader training program — one that does a good job in both teaching the theology and leadership of contemporary worship and that introduces students to the ins and outs of technology (stage production/video production/music production) today?

Cool site: David Wilson.

1. Randolph-Macon goes co-ed amidst debate.
2. Does God want all Christians rich? Read this.
3. The Tiber Jumper has a good short piece on the “sign of the cross.”
4. Changes in Rome: I’d like to have seen more penetration of the theological issues at work, but this is a good article.
5. Brain matters.
6. Jim Martin is doing a series at Out of Ur on Jesus leaders and the pastoral calling. Glad to see Jim writing there.
7. Thinking of leaving your church? David Fitch says hold on a minute.
8. Chicago? Maybe. North Park. Not on your life.

Sports: You heard it here first: the Bears will be in the Super Bowl this year.

Best event of the week: Peyton and Eli Manning playing against one another on Sunday Night Football, with mom and dad watching. Imagine what that’s like.

There was a report of an earthquake off the coast of Texas last Saturday. Upon further inspection, another explanation is that it was Ohio State Buckeye fans celebrating their win over the Longhorns. Then it may have been the New Hampshire team arriving home after thumping Northwestern.

Billy Mulldowney Watch: Billy’s last game of the season was a good one:
5.0 5 1 1 2 3 0 1.80

Alright, I confess I have no idea what that last one means.

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