My house is to receive a visitation in a few hours from superblogger and post-charismatic extraordinaire Robbymac. Since he and his family showed us such great hospitality just a scant two weeks ago, it’s time to return the favour. Gives me a good excuse to throw some bison burgers on the barbecue… must remember to pick up extra beer on the way home. I’m looking forward to extended visiting and discussion of matters pertaining to the yet-forming post-charismatic missional church, but I have one niggling concern. We’re putting him up in my study, so he’ll be surrounded by almost my entire library while he sleeps. While it’s too much to hope that he might imbibe some more calvinistic leanings by osmosis (the library is too balanced with counter-viewpoints for that), I have this concern about whether or not some particular books will be safe alone in the room with him… maybe I should x-ray his luggage when he departs.

Meanwhile, Jamie and I had lunch earlier this week and decided we might to a last-minute theology pub night next week… true to form so far, we’re playing it enough by ear that such an occurrence, if it does happen, will be a surprise to everyone, probably including us. One subject we intend to finally nail down though is the picking of a regular timeslot for the recurrence of these gatherings, and probably a new venue as well. If anyone has thoughts on that, please email me or Jamie accordingly; we’d welcome any input.

On a vaguely related track, while writing the phrase “yet-forming post-charismatic missional church” above, I was tempted to write “charismissional” which Robbymac has started to use but I’m not settled with the term yet. “PCMC” has no real ring to it, but it suddenly struck me, what about “pneumissional”? Oh well, terminology is nothing to start a new church movement over. Oh, wait….

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