Today we’re departing the now legendary hospitality of the “Robbymac family” — an ominous-sounding moniker even without Helter Skelter playing in the background — and will be working our way slowly homeward. We’ve been having a great vacation, though I didn’t really (finally) start to feel all that relaxed until a couple of days ago when we pulled in at Canyon Hot Springs while en route between Kicking Horse Pass and Kelowna. We’ve done the orchard and wine tour things, and done some quality visiting with the McAlpines and their numerous YWAM houseguests and cats. (Yes, I know, cat people… ugh! It’s amazing what a good friendship will survive!) We literally pitched our tent in their backyard and participated in the friendly invasion of their home. After the church meeting yesterday, there was apparently a look of shock and dismay on the clerk’s face when Wendy stepped up and ordered “two dozen burgers, to go.” Fries with that? Oh yeah….

It’s a shame to put an end to it, but we all have to land sometime. Oddly enough, this was the first time our kids really had a good chance to play together, and our girls really seemed to hit it off well with the youngest of the McAlpines. Community continues to see itself being knitted and joined, despite the challenges of geographical distance.

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