Stupid church signs are always good fun entertainment… but this goes beyond that: a stupid funeral home sign. This one has been there for about a year and a half or so, and I finally got around to making a point of snapping a photo. Ready? Here goes…

See, the thing is, I have this keen urge to want to pull up in front of the door, have 2 guys get out of the car and go and stand by the trunk of the car and look around while I go in, pull a wad of cash from my pocket, and say, “$800, eh? No questions asked, right?” I dunno, it’s just too much.

Oh, in case you can’t see it, the lettering on the sign says, “Immediate cremation $800 No hidden costs.” When the sign first went up, it said “Instant cremation” and I wanted to go in and tell them I was in a hurry… I suppose they think now they’ve “fixed” the confusing message on the original sign.

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