Today Pernell Goodyear posted a blog entry called, “People I Really Want To Meet” which is a really cool entry and made me also start to think of bloggers that I’ve read regularly or email-corresponded with over the time I’ve been reading and blogging. I’ve met some of the people he’s met and a few of the ones he wants to meet… and there are some really cool and interesting people on both of his lists. There’s one small thing about Pernell’s list though — somehow I found may way onto it. I’m honoured by the mention, and Pernell, I’d welcome the opportunity to meet for a pint should the opportunity ever present itself… and I’m sure that one day, it will. But for the benefit of all other readers (on either of our blogs), and for the the record, I think that Pernell Goodyear is a far more interesting person than Brother Maynard.

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