Brian Orme spins your head by blogging about what to blog about when you have nothing to blog about. And now I’m blogging about it. Crazy, man, crazy. …But hey, it’s worth linking — that’s one of the items on his list! ;^)

I suppose I can add that it’s a good thing to blog about when you’re blogging in abstentia… at the moment I’m probably nowhere near my computer, off on holidays with the family. I should somewhere amid the mountains at the moment (as you read this, not as I typed it). Before setting out, one of my tasks was to future-post a schwack of content, which I did in part by cleaning out a number of half-finished blog posts or things I’d composed but never published. (Have I mentioned I love WordPress lately?) This is one of those posts, so if you click through, Brian will suddenly find a bunch of visitors hitting an older post. It’s always nice when you can make another blogger scratch his head for a moment or two… ;^)

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