We held our most recent local “theology pub” this past Thursday. Small turnout given our normal motif of giving short notice plus the fact it was a weeknight in July. Len Hjalmarson and a couple of his buddies from Regent joined me and Jamie for a good discussion on a range of topics, including:
Does Jesus’ Jewish ethnicity continue post-resurrection, and by extension, will our ethnicity continue into the afterlife, or will it fade away so we’re all the same?
Does the evangelical church have an ecclesiology (no)?
We also touched on such things as ordination, sacraments, and what it takes for the Mennonites to give you the boot (not doctrinal weirdness, but divorce will do it).
All in all, the evening broke up too early, but c’est la vie. Sometimes you don’t get to solve all the mysteries in one sitting.

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