Well, it’s official. Now even the charismatics are talking about the post-charismatic era… at least, prophetic voice Paul Cain has said it now:

The Lord is offering the church another chance for renewal. God is speaking the second time and in this we should rejoice. We are now entering a “post-charismatic” era of the Holy Spirit. There is now a wave emerging and gaining momentum. I have seen this wave by the Spirit of God, sweeping over multitudes and engulfing them in life changing power. This new move of God will contain the good from the previous moves and much more to prepare the Church of Jesus Christ for the greatest season of harvest and manifestation of His power, glory and righteousness the world has ever known.

Yup, even the prophets are saying it. Should any charismatics find this and wonder what “bad stuff” those of us who have been calling ourselves post-charismatics for some time already are leaving behind, I suggest they start with Robbymac’s Post-Charismatic Study, which remains the definitive work on the subject to date.

I’m not going to comment too much on the predictive or other portions of Paul Cain’s words here, but ask me if we — the church, the post-charismatics, the emergents, whoever — are ready for God to do a new thing, and I’d say yes. Perhaps we’re desperate for God to do a new thing. For that matter, I might be happy with an old thing all over again as long as it was God’s thing… all I’m sayin’ is that I’ve had enough of modern man’s thing.

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