I guess it’s already early Monday now instead of late Sunday, but from my perspective… it was good to make it to St. Benedict’s Table again this evening — it’s been a while, and we were missing this touchstone. We tore ourselves away from jazz on the free stage at Assiniboine Park, too. A difficult, but good decision.

Led by Mike Koop, we sung during communion:

Put your life in Jesus’ nail-scarred hands
Put your life in Jesus’ nail-scarred hands
He’s the rock of ages
He’s the sage of sages
He’s the key to the promised land
So put your life in Jesus’ nail-scarred hands

I was blind, but now I’ve learned to see
I was trapped, but now I’ve been set free
I was lost and alone, so far from home
I was losing sight of me
But now I’m warm and safe as I can be

        — Larry Norman

Yup, “Father Larry.” I think I quite like hanging out with postmillenial hippies… makes me feel a bit less displaced.

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