Today is Canada Day (the official version). Yeah, Canada Day! (the open version). Celebrate with the kids or find something fun to do. We’ve always tried to find something to do with the kids… Winnipeg always has events going on at several gathering places all day and we usually hit a couple of them finding fun stuff to do before landing at Assiniboine park in the evening for the fireworks. We’ve been doing this exactly 6 years now. 6 Years ago was the first time they closed off Osborne Village for Canada Day, so we took our 2-year-old daughter with a big flag-adorned hat that we pinned back to make it fit and headed out. Her photo was in the newspaper the next day; she still has the paper with her picture in it, and she still wears the hat every year. The fact that she’s now 8 and we still pin the hat to make it fit tells you just how big the thing is ;^) This year we’re off at the lake with our simple church friends, and are planning a few festivities with the gang. I guess Osborne Village, The Forks, and Assiniboine Park will get along without us this year.

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