The first thing I thought when I saw Stephen Shields’ post “are there emerging church shibboleths?” was what a great idea that was, and what a great word. Shibboleth. I immediately wanted to link to it so I could use the word Shibboleth. You just don’t get to say shibboleth often enough, so rarely can you work it into a conversation. I remember it was a very good West Wing episode.

Then I read Stephen’s post, which is a good muse with a bunch of links in it. He suggests that categorizing types of emergents can be helpful to the discussion, and offers what he thinks is a reasonable emerging church shibboleth. Randy McRoberts takes a different view. Me? Not committing to a viewpoint just yet, really… but I do think there are ec shibboleths. ANKOC. See? If you got that without putting your cursor over the word to see the flyover, well… you know.

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