The Apologetics Index has published an article on the emerging church, “Appropriate Response to the Emerging Church Movement” by David Kowalski, who writes,

Unfortunately, many evangelical shepherds, who have passed from a prophetic to a professional model of ministry too readily welcome wolves into God’s flock if those wolves are decked out in the latest, trendiest garb. The cutting-edge heresy that is being welcomed by many Evangelicals today is known as the Emerging Church movement. While many participants in this movement undoubtedly know and love Christ, and while many of their criticisms of evangelical tendencies are well founded, their concessions to relativism inevitably lead them downward to serious doctrinal and moral deviations that they bring into the household of God.

Emphasis added. Because it kinda jumped out at me… nice to know that if I’m a heretic, I’m not just any kind of humdrum miscreant with some passé ideas. I’m a cutting-edge heretic. Hey, everybody, look at me!

Ah well. The article is quite extensive, running through 17 sections or pages, including footnotes. Another tidbit caught my eye as well. Apparently if the whole conversation is a kind of continuum, the signposts at either end are Brian McLaren and Scot McKnight. Kowalski suggests,

If we think of this distinctive essence of emergent as a lake, we can observe that some people, such as Brian McLaren, are swimming in its deepest spot, while others, such as Scott McKnight, are wading in the lake at a shallower depth.

Hmm. I never considered Scot to be all that shallow before….

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