So I picked up the mail at our post office box on the way in to the office this morning, and as I was flipping through the envelopes to do the mental calculation of the cheques:bills ratio, I noticed one envelope that was smaller in size. It appeared to be from a client, but was too thick to be just a cheque. I assumed he must have folded up a note in the envelope along with their payment. On the back of the envelope along the top fold there was a reference from Mark 4, something like that. I didn’t think much about it, and gave the stack of envelopes to the receptionist when I came in.

I was happier about the courier deliveries for the day, as they included my new digicam… I wasn’t expecting it before Monday, but it’s nice to have for the weekend to play around with.

Fridays we’ve been known to buy a case or two of beer and crack it open with the staff at 4:00 (the odd Friday, usually meaning the weeks that have an odd number of calendar days in them). It’s a good team-building time and a chance for people to announce particular news or accomplishments for the week as well as knock off a bit early and chit-chat a little before breaking for the weekend. So I’m on my way back to the staff area today and I see a couple of the staff looking at a Chick tract. And not just any Chick tract, but the most famous one, This Was Your Life.

Now, my first reaction was to be a little unhappy about it — although there was a time in my past where these tracts were normative, I don’t so much think these are the best introduction to Jesus anymore. The general reaction seemed to be that they made great reading — which sentiment I echoed, and pointed out that you could read more of them online. Okay, maybe I’m feeling conflicted about the whole thing. Perhaps they make a good discussion point, but… The receptionist informed me that it had come in the mail this morning (oh yeah, that envelope…) and that she didn’t find it amusing, she just found it creepy. Why would she want to read more of them online?

Well…. yeah. I guess not everybody’s going to see it as the unintentional satire that amuses me. “Creepy.” How many other evangelistic efforts come over that way? I remember in college mocking the book Witnessing Made Easy, when a quick excerpt or two made obvious the re-dub, “Witnessing Made Sleazy.” It was big on tracts too.

So I discovered that Jack Chick has his own Wikipedia entry, as does Chick Publications. There’s also a bonus entry, Claims by Chick Publications, though its neutrality is disputed (ironic, innit?).

Soul-Winning Tracts: “Live your life, share your faith.” Creepy.
Missional: “Live your faith, share your life.” Friendly.

What else can you say?

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