Not sure if anyone remembers my post “Church Size: Tall, Venti, or Grande?” but it was a fairly popular post, so I’m sure someone will recall it. A significant feature within the post was a link to a somewhat negative “review” that Adam Cleaveland had posted in February 2005 of his visit to Altanta megachurch North Point Community Church. At that time (September 2005), discussion on the post was still ongoing, and had been joined by North Point senior pastor Andy Stanley. Good discussion all around, and one of the major discussion points (and topic of my earlier post) had to do with determining a maximum effective size for a local church. Yeah, it was kind of an anti-megachurch thing. Well, now Adam Cleaveland posts an update, which proves that Andy is full of surprises, as the post opens with a photograph of Andy Stanley at an Emergent Cohort meeting in Atlanta, listening to a presentation by Jake Myers, who also blogged about the gathering.

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