I must have missed this in the news day, but Bob Robinson covers it well: Supreme Court rejects Guantanamo military tribunals. Bob’s report is fairly linkified, so there’s extra reading available by starting with his summary. In short though, it sounds like the US Supreme Court has ruled that ol’ GW’s kangaroo court (and I’m being charitable) at Guantanamo are “unlawful.” This is the euphemistic way of telling the US President, “Dude, you ignorant putz! You’re breaking the law here and violating people’s basic rights under US Military rules (law) and the Geneva Convention.” For his part, Bush says he’ll take this new ruling “seriously.” Uh, yeah. What happens to other when they violate the Geneva Convention? This is the biggest abuse of power and position since, uh, O.J. Simpson. Those who were tortured in the name of the Bush Vendetta will probably get just about that much justice, too.

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