I took a look at the site in M$IE over the weekend. What a crappy browser. If you’re handicapped by the usage of this substandard potato-masher of an html interpreter, I urge you to simply get Firefox, forthwith. Here’s a slightly shrunken version of what the blog site should look like:

Hope it’s not too confusing to see it within the page of which it’s a snapshot. IE’s failure to properly render transparent png’s and its inability to properly render properly-formed style sheets means that the banner looks stupid and the navigation buttons are hidden behind the background. If you mouseover the words “Subversive Influence” you can see the top couple of pixels of the nav buttons, and your mouse cursor will still change if you mouseover where they should appear; you’ll also get the link title text, which also shows in the image above, though the mouse cursor isn’t pictured. The menu item for “Active Blogroll” is in the rollover state. Rather than fix it properly, for now I just duplicated a couple of those links in a place where they will appear even in IE. Maybe M$ will fix their product so I don’t have to compensate for their failings….

On the weekend, I also spent some time updating some RSS feeds that had moved, changing all of the Blogger-powered feeds that I could from Atom to RSS feeds, and making a few other tweaks here and there, adding a couple of feeds and deleting ones that have moved or gone offline. As well, I set the time offset for the ones I knew so that the posting times can be sychronized (or close to it) in my aggregation of the feeds. All this to point out my blogroll, which has a page of its own that aggregates the feeds onto a single page, is freshly updated. Poke around, enjoy, make comments, whatever.

Also on the subject of maintenance, a couple of you have asked about the Basin & Towel blogsite. B&T is the group blog site for the gang of folks with whom we do simple church, and it’s been offline for a few months since it switched server hardware and the tweaking necessary to bring it live again started collecting dust on the back burner. It’s fixed now; go on and poke around there too, but note that I don’t think anyone there is going to promise to keep it blazingly current. At least now the possibility of updates exists.

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