One more and then I’ll quit. I haven’t posted all of my shelves, and I’ve skipped some great stuff — not just Tom Clancy, but Peter Gzowski and Stuart MacLean and Calvin Miller and C.S. Lewis and lots more. All of my Sherlock Holmes stuff, Agatha Christie, my whole missiology section, biographies, and so forth. Can’t do it all. The second image in this set also reveals how I resort to makeshift shelves, propping them up when they start to sag. A sign of addiction, I know.

First up, we’ll note I somehow collected two copies of Bettensen. You can’t really read the spines, but there’s a duplicate. Then there’s the Nag Hammadi library and other fun stuff to make me look smart beyond what I can actually back up. Oh, and some New Testament Intro’s and stuff. Don’t worry, I do have Ladd, it’s just not in this picture.

Finally we come to a strange quirk of how my books are presently arranged — Old Testament general stuff plus Genesis and onward on the shelf above New Testament general stuff plus Matthew and onward. Never really thought about that until I looked at the photo. In the bottom left you can see a small leatherbound volume sitting on top of my computer monitor… it’s a 90-year-old copy of The Imitation of Christ by A Kempis that I picked up for probably $1 someplace. The title is not unique in my library either, but this copy fits just in the palm of your hand, and I remember buying it mostly because of its age and because of the way it feels in your hand when you hold it. It’s just plain fun to hold. Did I mention I love my books?

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